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Just 15 mins from the shores of kaneohe bay, surrounded through the koolau mountains and its reef-included waters, a literal slice of paradise exhibits itself: the biggest saltwater sandbar inside the world.

Because of its sprawling nature, the sandbar is easy to make out, even from land. Simply gaze out across the bay for the assembly of water vessels, from personal yachts to neon-coloured hobies, anchored and bobbing on the sandbar’s area, in which the glowing blue waters starkly shift right into a crystal-clear turquoise slightly protecting an exposed expanse of white sands. Stretching approximately 6 miles long and half of-a-mile deep, there’s greater than sufficient room for everyone. Every mode of transportation can be extraordinary,

however the task is the identical—to spend a lovable morning playing not anything greater than a few food and drinks with a calm swim and communication. This communal scenario across the sandbar gives new that means to the term watering hollow.

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